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Kevjumba and Jeremy Lin >

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How interesting. Our new short has seemed to cause quite a stir in some of our viewers. Either not understanding, or being very upset at what they think they are understanding.

At first I was shocked and sad at this response, but then…now I’m embracing it. This video has made apparent to us something we’ve always expected. The spread of differences in our viewership is quite wide. Here are three comments almost on top of each other:

“THIS WAS SO WEIRD AND RETARDED, POOR SCRIPT QUALITY PEOPLE!!! at least i liked home is where the hans are, pretty hilarious outcome”

“What the fuck is this suppose to be? I swear if the next video of yours is this shitty and this tasteless, I’m going to unsubscribe.”

“i thought this was hilarious and a really smart satire piece. it’s a good break from WF’s usual obvious/slapstick humour that i guess caters to a younger audience. i’ve been following WF since high school.. and well, i’m no longer a high school student and i’ve been constantly disappointed by the new things they churned out lately, this however, brought me back and i’m glad it did.”

There is obviously a huge difference in the type of subscribers we have. This difference is partially our fault, because, we don’t have one type of video. I could totally understand if someone subscribed from, say, a video like “Kung Fooled” and then sees our other videos show up in their box and be totally turned off. Our audience is also getting old AND younger. We are expected to make content that is to the tastes of 12 AND 22 year olds (soon 32?), whose humor and sensibilities are constantly changing.

To this, I have no answer, but I am not going to change to cater to one way. I have always been very grateful of our viewers and fans being open to the different type of content we make. I never want us to be held to one type of genre, style, or tone of video. No matter what we do, there will always be some “Wong Fu” in it… but if a certain video isn’t cutting it for you, no biggie. We’re always making stuff.

The best way to close is… imagine you buy a singer’s album. You get all the songs right away. You might not like every song (some you probably skip over), but you have the other songs to listen to to save your opinion. Unfortunately for us, our shorts don’t come out all at once like songs on an album. There might be a video you’ll probably skip in the future, but you can be sure there are other videos on the rest of our “album” that will be released later on which you’ll probably like. Either way, the artist, in this case myself, is always proud of each song, and personally, I really liked this video. Thanks for reading! =)

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This Valentines Day, let’s hop to it!
— Philip Wang.
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His name is Walter.

Pencil Sketch by M.
Paper Model by W.

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